John Mancini

I'm John Mancini.  I've been teaching BSL, levels one to six, for 30 years and I've been an assessor for Signature for 20 years. 

I absolutely love teaching BSL, particularly watching my students' signing improve and seeing them achieve their goals.  In 2010, I was immensely proud to be awarded Signature's National Teacher of the Year.

My classes have a good atmosphere and they're friendly and enjoyable which means we can roll up our sleeves for the hard work ahead.  I'll help you to improve your signing by giving you plenty of feedback while you work in groups and in pairs having debates, discussions, doing presentations and lots of different activities.

My students' pass rate is always above Signature's published national average pass rate. 

If you're interested in my courses or you'd like more information, you're really welcome to contact me.