Deaf Awareness

Deaf Awareness is an interesting, fun and interactive short course or people who want to understand Deafness​ better and want to communicate more effectively with Deaf family members, colleagues or customers.

Total Course Length

This course is offered as a full day (six hour) or half-day (three hour) course.

You will learn:

  • What does Deafness mean and what are the different types of Deafness?

  • What causes Deafness?

  • How do you attract the attention of someone who is Deaf?

  • What types of assistance do Deaf people use (including technology, hearing dogs and human assistants like interpreters)?

  • Facts and figures about Deafness in the UK.

  • How to make it easier to lipread and how to use gestures when communicating.

  • How to fingerspell and some basic signs.


There is no exam but we can provide a certificate to show your learning.