BSL Level Four

The Signature level four certificate in British Sign Language is designed for those who work with, or want to work with, Deaf people and those who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in British Sign Language.


Maybe you've gained level three but you're not sure you're ready for level six.  This could be the stepping stone you need.

Total Qualification Time

Guided learning: 180 hours

Additional study hours (independent learning): 120 hours

You will:

  • Gain further knowledge of the structure and function of BSL.

  • Take part in conversations, discussions and debates.

  • Develop the skills to work with Deaf people.


There are three exams.



If there's something you need to practice or you want a bit of extra tuition, you can book a one-to-one online tutorial.




I'm John.

I've been teaching BSL for over 25 years.

I teach BSL at all levels from one to six.

If you're thinking about taking that next step up, and you want to move up to level three, I can help you reach that standard.

At level three you learn more in-depth conversations and how to sign to a much greater degree of complexity,